Insted O'Lead Gold
Insted O'Lead Gold

The protections of lead in a lead-free formula plus a powerful octane booster with MMT that raises the octane level from 2 to 5 points. This product is designed for older cars that were designed to run on leaded gas. The owners of these cars know they cannot trust just any product in their classic; so they turn to Bardahl.

  • Protects Valves
  • Stops Knocking and Pinging
  • Raises octane of fuel 2 to 5 octane points
    • Specifications

    • Engine: Gas
    • Product Size: 12x8oz
    • Product Type: Fuel Additive
    • Description: Insted O'Lead Gold
    • Recommended use:

      Add one bottle to each tank of gas

    • Back Label

    "Lead Substitute with Octane Booster:  Prevents valve seat wear caused by low lead fuel and raises octane of fuel 2 to 5 octane points, unlike most products that claim to boost octane. Bardahl Insted O’Lead Gold does not contain methanol or alcohol. For use in vehicles not fitted with catalytic converters.
    Directions: To prevent valve burning, add one bottle to each tank of gas. To control knocking or pinging, increase amount added until smooth running is restored.