Transmission Stop Leak
Transmission Stop Leak

Specially formulated transmission additive designed to stop leaks and condition seals in automatic transmissions.  Transmission Stop Leak also removes internal deposits and reduces fluid oxidation.

  • Stops transmission oil leaks
  • Conditions transmission oil
  • Protects and revitalizes old worn out seals
  • Compatible with all types of ATF oil
  • Saves money
    • Specifications

    • Engine: Gasolina, Diesel with Automatic Transmission
    • Product Size: 12x16 oz
    • Product Type: Transmission Stop Leak
    • Description: Transmission Stop Leak
    • Recommended use:

      Use as needed

    • Back Label

    Stop leaks in automatic transmission while driving. Transmission Stop Leak also conditions and revitalizes seals. Provides smooth shifting and reduces gear and bearing noise. Extends fluid life. Retards varnish and gum deposits. Compatible with all automatic transmission fluids. Directions: Add full bottle (16oz) in place of same amount of transmission fluid. For severe conditions add two bottles. Allow 300 to 400 miles for results. If transmission still leaks repeat procedure or replace seals.

    • Warning

    Keep out of reach of children