B-2 Oil Treatment
B-2 Oil Treatment

Bardahl B-2 Oil Treatment is designed for older engines or engines operating under high loads such as trailer towing. Reduces oil burning and blowby. Restores compression and power. B-2 contains Bardahl's "Polar Plus" (Triple Protection) formula.

  • Stops oil consumption and burning
  • Concentrated Polar Attraction
  • Reduces smoke\engine wear
  • Increases oil pressure


  • Engine: Gas, Diesel
  • Product Size:
    • 12x350ml
  • Product Type: Oil Additive
  • Description: B-2 Oil Treatment
  • Recommended Use:

    Add at each oil change and between changes as needed.


Keep out of reach of children

Back Label

Concentrated formula Bardahl B-2 Oil Treatment with Polar Attraction Formula. Directions: Add at each oil change and between oil changes into crankcase of a warm, idling engine. Compatible with all motor oils.