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    Our Commitment to the Community and Industry

    Bardahl has always been devoted to the communities where it operates and the industry it serves. Over the years the company has supported a number of organizations, both in the greater Seattle area and around the world.

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  • Quality

    Commitment to Quality

    Bardahl built its leading worldwide reputation by maintaining the highest quality standards to produce the finest specialty lubricants, additives and automotive service chemicals in the industry. Scientific research is continuously being conducted by chemists at the company’s state of the art laboratory.

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  • Technology

    Our Technology

    The Bardahl commitment to innovative technology through research was founded from the very beginning with its first oil additive that used a unique formulation to reduce friction. The technology was further developed with a Polar Attraction Formula that improved the anti-wear, anti-friction, and extreme pressure properties of motor oils.

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  • History

    Our History

    Ole Bardahl, a Norwegian immigrant, came to the United States in 1922 and settled in Ballard, a community of Scandinavian immigrants located in Northwest Seattle. After purchasing a small chemical company, he developed a unique formula for oil additives. Over the next 20 years the business steadily grew and based on its reputation for quality, the company expanded rapidly across the country and internationally until it became the leading additive manufacturer and supplier in the US.

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  • Our Company

    Our Company

    Since 1939, Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation has produced innovative high quality products for the automobile industry including lubricants, oils and additives. Bardahl products are sold worldwide in over 90 countries, on 6 continents and are packaged in 16 languages.

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Our Pledge

If we can't make the best chemicals in the world, we won't make any at all."
Ole Bardahl