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    If you have any questions about products, including their application and proper use, click below to send an email to customerservice@bardahl.com and a customer service representative will respond as quickly as possible.

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  • Be Car Care Aware

    Be Car Care Aware

    Bardahl understands the value of regular preventative maintenance to enhance the performance and extend the life of a vehicle. The Car Care Council provides helpful guidelines and resources through their “Be Car Care Aware” program. Visit www.carcare.org for more information.

    Be Car Care Aware
  • Retail Distributors

    Retail Distributors

    In the United States and Canada, Bardahl products are sold at leading auto parts suppliers, outdoor and recreational retailers and mass merchandisers. Also, the complete line of Bardahl products is available in the BARDAHL Store on Amazon.

    The Bardahl Store on Amazon
  • Consumer Products

    Consumer Products

    Bardahl has developed a complete line of high quality consumer products that are designed to safely maintain all types of vehicles and improve performance. The line includes various car care products available for the DIY consumer and auto enthusiast and a selection of special duty products designed for diesel-powered pick-up trucks, recreational, ATV / UTV, off road, farm vehicles and marine / outboard engines. All of these products have been developed using unique formulations and innovative technology.

Consumer Products

Gas & Diesel Fuel ProductsGas & Diesel Fuel Products

Gas & Diesel Fuel Products

Bardahl Fuel products are made to clean and maintain the performance of your engines fuel system. By using Bardahl Fuel products you maintain your engines efficiency and reduce common fuel system problems like loss of power, rough idle, and lower fuel mileage.
Engine & Oil ProductsEngine & Oil Products

Engine & Oil Products

Bardahl Oil products are made to enhance your vehicles motor oil by protecting your engine from harmful deposit, reducing wear and extending the life and fuel economy of your engine.
Transmission ProductsTransmission Products

Transmission Products

Bardahl transmission products reduce transmission shudder and also remove harmful sludge and varnish from your vehicles transmission extending transmissions life and reducing maintenance costs.
Power Steering System ProductsPower Steering System Products

Power Steering System Products

Bardahl Steering products are quality fluids specially designed for varying climates and tough driving conditions. Using the correct Bardahl Power Steering Fluid for your vehicle will ensure your power steering remains reliable.
Radiator & Cooling System ProductsRadiator & Cooling System Products

Radiator & Cooling System Products

Bardahl Coolant products have been formulated for your vehicle's cleaning and maintenance requirements. Using Bardahl Coolant products in your vehicle's cooling system helps protect your vehicle against corrosion and leaks.
Special Duty ProductsSpecial Duty Products

Special Duty Products

Bardahl Special Duty products are formulated to optimize performance in Classic Cars, Big Trucks, RVs, ATVs & UTVs. These products will help protect the vehicle so it can be enjoyed for many years.
Motor Oil ProductsMotor Oil Products

Motor Oil Products

Bardahl Motor Oil products are formulated with the latest in petroleum chemistry. Your engine will be protected from the common causes of engine breakdown and stress, and no matter the varying temperatures your vehicle performs in, Bardahl oil will keep your engine performing as you intended.