Radiator Stop Leak 8118

Quickly Stops Leaks in the Radiator and Cooling System to Avoid Costly Repairs

The Benefits:

  • Seals minor leaks in the radiator and cooling system
  • Safe to use and will not harm metal, rubber or plastic parts
  • Compatible with all rust inhibitors, coolant types and anti-freeze solutions
  • Advantages & Uses

    The Problem:

    The loss of coolant from the radiator, engine blocks, cylinder heads, and heater cores can cause the engine to over-heat , which can create serious damage and result in very expensive repairs.

    The Solution:

    BARDAHL ALL-U-NEED!® Radiator Stop Leak™ is an easy to use chemical solution that safely and quickly repairs minor leaks in radiators, engine blocks, cylinder heads, and heater cores.

  • Directions

    Open radiator cap when engine is cool. Start engine, when it reaches operating temperature, shake bottle and pour into radiator. Do not use more than 3 oz. per gal. of cooling system capacity. If needed, add coolant/anti-freeze so level is above radiator core. Replace cap.

  • Product Specifications

    • Product #:
    • 8118
    • UPC Code:
    • 0 76906 08121 4
    • Product Size:
    • 16.9 oz (500 ml)
    • Case Pack (Qty/Wt/Cube/Dims):
    • 6 / 7.5 lbs / 0.23 ft3 / 8.75”L x 6.75”W x 6.75”H
    • Case UPC:
    • 30076906081208
    • Color:
    • Green
    • pH Level:
    • 10
    • Specific Gravity:
    • 1.05
    • Flash Point:
    • N/A