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Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Boosts the Cetane Number of Regular Diesel Fuel to Premium Grade.

The Problem

Modern diesel engines use sophisticated electronic systems which are more precise, but sensitive to contamination. The OEMs recommend the use of ‘premium’ diesel fuel with a detergent and an additive that boosts the Cetane rating as specified for newer vehicles.

The Solution

BARDAHL Diesel Fuel Conditioner  is an ultra concentrated formula that contains a complete multi-functional additive. Diesel Fuel Conditioner  uses the latest chemical technology to boost the Cetane number and enhance regular diesel fuel to a premium grade.


  • Cetane booster improves combustion for better performance
  • Increases the detergent level to keep diesel fuel system clean
  • Maintains efficient spray patterns for more precise fuel metering
  • Helps prevent fuel filter plugging
  • Enhances power while decreasing emissions
  • Improves mileage and reduces fuel cost


Add one bottle of BARDAHL Diesel Fuel Conditioner to the fuel tank prior to a fill-up. One 5 oz. bottle will treat up to 21 gallons (80 liters) of diesel fuel. Use at each fill-up to enhance performance and reduce emissions. Dispose of any used or unused solution in accordance with the local, state and federal regulations.

Product Specifications

  • Product & Size
    3325 - 5 oz (148 ml)
  • Case Qty/Wt
    12 / 4.7 lbs
  • UPC Code
    0 76906 03325 1
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