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MVP GAS 20W-50 Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil


The Solution

Bardahl MVP Gas 20W-50 is an engine oil formulated specifically for gasoline vehicles that have been converted to NGV, CNG, LPG engines. MVP GAS 20W-50 exceeds manufacturer’s warranty requirements for NVG, CNG, LPG gas engines including those with multi-valve and those with catalytic converters where an API SN, SM, SL or SJ lubricant is specified.

MVP GAS 20W-50 contains:

  • Effective oxidation inhibitors to minimize viscosity increase; an inherent problem in natural gas engines
  • Chemical properties which protect against harmful effects of high engine temperatures due to the use of natural gas
  • A special formulation for commercial vehicles that are driven longer periods of time in stop and go traffic.
  • Helps extend engine life and reduces maintenance costs.

Advantages & Uses

  • MVP 20W-50 GAS exceeds API service classification of SN and is recommended for Vehicles converted to NGV, CNG or LPG.
  • Recommended for passenger cars, light duty pickups, motorcycles and other gasoline engines in mobile or stationary service.



  • MVP GAS 20W-50 meets or exceeds OEMs warranty requirements
  • Highly oxidation stable – protects engine from oil thickening, high temperature sludge and varnish deposits.
  • Shear stable viscosity index improver – protects against viscosity breakdown in severe service
  • Effective detergent-dispersants keeps engine parts clean


Product Specifications

  • Product & Size
    22150 - 1 qt. (946 ml)
  • Case Qty/Wt
    12 / 32oz
  • UPC Code
    0 76906 22150 4
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