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Fuel system cleaner and water dispersant.

The Problem

As the miles accumulate on your vehicle, so too do carbon deposits build up on injectors and intake valves, increasing the octane required to keep your engine running smoothly. This octane requirement increase (ORI) is often neglected, resulting in rough idle, hard starting, and diminished power. Additionally, water accumulates in the fuel system over time, exacerbating the problems caused by ORI, and promoting rust and corrosion in the fuel system.

The Solution

Bardahl’s Gas+ is formulated with advanced fuel detergents, water dispersants, and antioxidants to keep your vehicle running at its best. Its detergents fight carbon buildup, keeping (ORI) in check and maintaining power and fuel efficiency. It takes a two-pronged approach in dealing with the harmful effects of water in your fuel system, utilizing dispersants to remove existing water, and antioxidants to mitigate the rust and corrosion that may develop from the water already present in the system.


• Keeps Fuel System Clean
• Combats Octane Requirement Increase (ORI)
• Disperses Water
• Improves Fuel Economy
• Protects against Rust & Corrosion


Use with every tankful to keep fuel system clean. Add to tank prior to filling with gasoline. Treats up to 60 liters (16 gals). For fast clean-up use Injector Cleaner+. Dispose of any remaining solution in accordance with country or government regulations.

Product Specifications

  • Product & Size
    3003 - 5 oz (148 ml)
  • Case Qty/Wt
    12 / 4.5 lbs
  • UPC Code
    0 76906 03003 8
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